Credit Card Consolidation Having the credit card debt is a big headache and the credit card consolidation helps you in some ways. It is the process of combining all the credit card debts into one single debt. There are some tips to make the credit card consolidation debts better. Read the terms and conditions carefully and understand before consolidation and you can make this by yourself also. This helps to reduce the interest rates gradually. You have to keep in mind that your goal is to pay less. You can also use the services of the credit consolidation counseling agency but remember you have to pay them some consolidated amount and this will also add to your debt which is also a burden for you. If you are in an emergency situation then change the credit card consolidation to the emergency expense card which has the original balance but donít charge on the zero balance card because it might put you in trouble. If you are opting for the agency then make sure they provide all the necessary documents with the terms and conditions. If they provide you with the list then you can choose from them the best credit card consolidation plan. There are many methods of solving the debts one such method is the debt consolidation plan but this is not the fast method and it takes some time for the completion. There are many methods to make that consolidation one way is by making the personal loans to settle the debts.